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DRY or uncomfortable contacts?

There are a few factors weighing in on the comfortability of your contacts, such as:

  • correct prescription
  • cleaning habits
  • proper wear time
  • fitting

Also, your contacts may be irritating your eyes due to unintentional contamination. This occurs when the lens comes in contact with substances like skin lotions, soaps with moisturizers and perfumes, food oils and cosmetics.

If you are experiencing burning, itching, redness or dryness, there are some things that can help!

Lubricating Drops are a good quick problem solver. If you find these drops do not help, it may be time to vist us and have a eye care professional take a look!

If any problems should occur with your lenses OR you just want to switch it up and try something new, COME IN and let us help you find what you need!