We at Century Eye Care believe in providing excellent patient care from your appointment check in to your eyewear and contact lens pick up.

Century Eye Care provides some of the most extensive and inclusive exams for all of your optical needs. We pride ourselves on keeping our practice up to date with the latest optical techniques and technology. This includes...

  • Daytona non-dilating service. This instrument eliminates the need to dilate during your exam.
  • Optical coherence tomographer (OCT) to monitor such diseases as glaucoma and macular degeneration (diseases that can cause blindness if left untreated)
  • Topographer to map corneal curvature. Our doctors are highly skilled in prescribing difficult to fit contact lenses including multifocal, monovision, and keratoconic wearers. We also treat a variety of eye diseases and infections.

Is your current opticals eyewear selection lacking luster? We happily accept outside prescriptions for eyewear! Your VSP insurance goes further with our Premier practice!

Our full service optical boutique stocks 700 frames, from genuine feather inlay “Ete Lunettes” to sleek, glamorous Gucci, to even every day casual 141. Being a 700 piece eyewear showcase, we understand you are looking for something specific. We access our 10,000+ frame database to find you the perfect frame and have it delivered to our boutique for you to try on. We remove the stress of having to look around for the perfect piece! Please contact our non-commissioned opticians to schedule your eyewear consultation.

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